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Crucial Gear for Fall on Vancouver Island

Fall is our favourite time to be on Vancouver Island. The waves pump, the crowds thin out and the weather isn’t totally unbearable. We all know the question; imagine you were deserted on a remote island, what items could you not live without? We have put together our top twelve items for fall on this Island.

  1. Aftanas Sled Round Tail Surfboard—This is my go to board for Vancouver Island; actually this is my go to board for everywhere now. The shaper is a Tofino local and knows the waves really well, and his boards are made for the conditions here.
  2. Filson Dry Bag—This bag has been a lifesaver for me. It keeps my camera dry, as well as anything else that is inside. It’s perfect for the rainy weather on the island.
  3. Billabong Towel Poncho—We do a lot of undressing and dressing in beach parking lots. With this poncho, changing in and out of your wetsuit is easy peasey. Last fall Jenn swore she wouldn’t spend another fall on the island without one.
  4. Arc’teryx Gortex Rain Shell—This jacket will keep you bone dry, which will keep you happy. It rains a lot on this part of the island (it’s a rainforest after all), and there is nothing worse than being soggy and cold.
  5. Hunter Rain Boots—Most rain boots are sloppy and hard to walk in. These ones are slim and comfortable for dog walking and surf checking. They also come in an array of super cute colors, which is also very important.
  6. Patagonia Fleece—The trick to staying dry and warm here is strategic layering. This fleece is the perfect under-the-raincoat layer or outer layer, if it isn’t raining. Patagonia gear is high on our list because they promote sustainability and also back up their products with a lifetime guarantee.
  7. Stanley Thermos—Yes, this thermos is growler size and can be filled with beer at the local Tofino Brewery, which is perfect for post surf beers on the beach. It keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 18 hours, so it can also be filled with tea or whatever other liquid your heart desires.
  8. Salvaje Bikini—Didn’t think you would need a bikini on this chilly island? Guess again. You’ll need one for the post surf hot tub. These bikinis are just our ultimate favourites. Use promo code OCEANANDOAKF&F online for a deal.
  9. Billabong 5/4 Synergy Wetsuit—The water starts to cool down in September and October, so a hooded suit is preferable for those who value coziness. We like Billabong because of the flexibility and comfort; some 5/4’s can be very restricting and hard to paddle in.
  10. Xcel Wetsuit Gloves—As the temperatures drop and the fall swell fills in, gloves become a necessity. We like these ones because they aren’t cumbersome as some others can be.
  11. Xcel Wetsuit Boots—These boots have fleece lining and are super cozy.
  12. Lightspeed Outdoors Waterproof Beach Blanket—This beach blanket is another key item to staying dry. Perfect to sit on for the post surf beer.

If you are coming to Vancouver Island during the fall, we hope this guide will help you out a bit. Stay warm, dry, and happy on the island!


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