Welcome! We created Ocean and Oak as a collaborative place to share experiences, observations, and photographs, showcasing our adventures as sea and forest frolickers. We hope you enjoy this journey with us!


ocean and oakKaitlyn Shea | Photographer

I am captivated with the act of freezing time in the form of photographs. I love capturing tiny fragments of beauty, as life flashes quickly before us. I grew up in Canada, swimming in lakes, sliding down mountains and galloping around on horses, which has been my source of inspiration throughout my journey, personally and professionally. I now split my time between Costa Rica and Canada, where I spend my days snapping pictures, surfing, and wandering around the outdoors with my dog Nugget.


tamarindo-photographer-o-o-2Jenn Parker | Writer

I am a surfer, a writer, a jewelry designer, a teacher and a free spirited, wanderlust-bursting dream catcher. I am originally from South Florida, but I moved to Costa Rica over 5 years ago and I haven’t looked back! I am a professional freelance writer and write for several online blogs, as well as Ocean and Oak. I also have a jewelry line called Marbella Creations, which is named after my chocolate lab sidekick, Marbella and my love of the alluring sea.

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